Dream Home on Hold?

Tue, Aug 25, 2009

Custom Home Designs

Dream Home on Hold?

If you find your dream home is still just a figment of your imagination, here is some food for thought:

Most construction building costs have come way down, lumber as much as forty percent.

Time delays that were common during the building boom (due to overworked building departments, engineers and overbooked tradespeople) have vanished.

Once the economy recovers, a combination of pent-up demand and a reduced number of skilled tradespeople, due to failure and relocation, could lead to a substantial spike in building project costs.

Now could be the time to begin the process of designing and building your envisioned custom dream home design or expansion-remodel. The cost  of building a home may at a low, compared to future possibilities.

At Peter Asher Designs, we interweave our plan creation process with bids and material quotes so that the design evolves around the intended budget.

Why Remodel Instead of Moving?

Is your home too small or out-of-date, but the value too low to consider selling?

Consider the following:

  • When you sell one home and buy another, you spend two real estate commissions. At a 6% rate, the net result is that you end up with 12% less value than you have in your home now.
  • By remaining in your existing home now, you will ride out the current lower prices, temporarily depressed by banks’ increased rate of foreclosure, which creates oversupply.
  • With a custom home remodel, you would expand and update your home in a way that would satisfy you for years to come. Fluctuating values would then affect you less, because you would no longer need to sell this asset to obtain your dream.

Peter Asher Designs has an extensive history of skillfully expanding existing homes, so that the overall design looks as if it were intended that way from the beginning. We have a unique design/build process, and we work on each project hands-on, from concept to completion.

Contact us now for a free consultation on how our unique design/build process works to keep you in control of the steps to build your dream home, as you envision it and as you can afford it.

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