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Home Building Lots: Part VII

Saturday, May 30, 2009

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Design: It is usually not practical to settle on a house design without having a specific piece of land in mind, since a house is best designed to fit the lot. This is the problem with stock plans. The house should fit the contours of the land and be oriented correctly to the sun, wind and views. What you can do is to consult a home designer. With knowledge of the site, the restrictions, your own needs and desires, and your budget, a designer can tell you what size and quality house would be within your means on that particular lot.

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Home Building Lots: Part IV

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Water Well: If you plan to put in a well, consider consulting a water witcher (dowser) or well driller regarding the best location and the cost. Neighbors who have put in wells can tell you about their experience, though it might not apply to your particular property. Some well water is over-acidic or contains contaminants such as bacteria or sulphur (which adds a disagreeable smell to the water). There are special filters available for these problems.

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Home Building Lots: Part II

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Before you buy, consider any of these factors that apply: * Survey: Is there an existing survey? Ask if the seller has one, or check with the County or City to see if there is one on file, if not for the individual property, then perhaps a neighborhood survey. In some jurisdictions, the lot corners must be marked before the land is sold, but you’ll want to see where the corners are earlier than that, before making your decision. * Reports: From the Planning Department, find out if you will need a geological hazard or engineer’s report. These are sometimes required for waterfront, steep slopes, slide zones, or other areas of natural hazard.

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